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In Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers you can:

- Create Your Own Flower Gardens and win the Contest
- 50 Flower Species to Discover with Crossbreeding
- Complete the Story and Play in Free Gardening
- Relaxing Fun with Optional Timed Orders
- Create perfumes, Bake Cookies, Boil Jams
- Use Plenty of Helpful Tools and Upgrades

Fiona enters 'The Finest Flowers' garden beauty contest and needs your help to win it!

Plant flowers in beautiful gardens in various locations.
Cross flowers to discover 50 beautiful new species throughout the contest.
Sell flowers and buy beehives, grapevines, berry bushes and apricot trees.

Process your harvest using machines like fruit dryers, jam boilers, juice makers, ovens, flower wrapping machines and perfume makers.
Plenty of helpful tools and upgrades are available as well!

Optionally accept orders and deliver goods before the timer expires, for fast income.
Use Fiona's special skills to make growing flowers, selling goods and completing orders a breeze.

After you complete 'Fiona's Story' by winning the contest, you can go on playing in 'Free Gardening' mode.
Play 'Fiona's Story' and 'Free Gardening' to win every trophy.






Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers is available for download:

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Screenshots of the Game:

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